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29 Oct 2020
Student Mental Health | 2 min read

Addressing the Crisis in Student Mental Health

With the growing crisis in adolescent mental health, it’s more importa...

26 Oct 2020
Student Safety | 3 min read

What We Stand For

Here at Gaggle, we believe that all schools should be safe and all stu...

22 Oct 2020

Five Benefits of Student Therapy

It’s been a crazy year. School closures and the COVID-19 crisis have o...

20 Oct 2020
Student Safety | 2 min read

Are Elementary Students Safe Online?

With all of the efforts to drive mental health awareness—including the...

16 Oct 2020

You Have Students Struggling With Mental Health Issues. What’s Next?

K-12 schools have been experiencing a mental health crisis for several...

13 Oct 2020
Gaggle | 2 min read

Inside Gaggle: Meet Our Team

As Gaggle’s Safety Team Manager, Alex Beck is on the front line of stu...

09 Oct 2020

Student Safety During Remote Teaching and Learning

Back in January, Washington state recorded the first case of COVID-19 ...

06 Oct 2020
Student Safety | 3 min read

Linewize Cyber Safety Ecosystem

For school districts across the U.S., content filters are essential to...

02 Oct 2020

CARES Act State Set-Asides and Student Mental Health Support

In March 2020, the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CA...

01 Oct 2020
Student Mental Health | 1 min read

Eating Disorders: Breaking the Silence

When it comes to mental health and wellness, eating disorders are some...

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