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Kaitlyn Schlesinger

As Gaggle’s Director of Therapy Services, Kaitlyn Schlesinger is committed to supporting students and educators through cutting-edge education solutions, creating and executing marketing strategy, and forging partnerships for a number of non-profits and global education companies. Starting her journey in the communications department at a mid-sized school district, Kaitlyn found her passion early in all things education. In addition to her professional contributions, Kaitlyn also volunteers by tutoring creative writing with under-resourced students.
06 Nov 2020

Signs Your Student May Need to See a Therapist

Therapy is a tool that every educator should keep in their back pocket...

22 Oct 2020

Five Benefits of Student Therapy

It’s been a crazy year. School closures and the COVID-19 crisis have o...

18 Sep 2020
Student Mental Health | 1 min read

Announcing Gaggle Therapy: A New Service to Support Your Students

Schools are facing a mental health crisis. Rates of adolescent anxiety...

02 Apr 2020

A Big Lift: Keeping Students Safe, Sound, and Secure

With thousands of schools across the country shifting to distance lear...

20 Mar 2020

Happy and Healthy at Home: 10 Student Mental Health Resources

There’s no question that the student mental health crisis is impacting...

28 Jan 2020
Student Safety | 2 min read

Walking the Tightrope Between Student Safety and Data Privacy

The subject of data privacy is something that has captivated the media...

24 Oct 2019
Digital Citizenship | 2 min read

Resources for Promoting Outstanding Digital Citizenship

Sometimes being online doesn’t feel like the real world. And in many w...

11 Sep 2019
Student Safety | 2 min read

Suicide Prevention: Providing Resources for Struggling Students

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