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04 Mar 2021
Gaggle | 2 min read

Inside Gaggle: Meet Our Team

Brock Carothers’ entire career has been focused on education and suppo...

01 Mar 2021

Get to Know a Gaggle Therapist: Dr. Aida Vazin

With mental health on the forefront of education, the connection betwe...

26 Feb 2021

Observing Self-Injury Awareness Day

Monday, March 1 is Self-Injury Awareness Day—an annual day of observan...

23 Feb 2021

Is Google Hangouts Safe for Your Students?

Google is spot on when it touts that technology can give educators new...

By Gaggle
16 Feb 2021

An Extra Set of Eyes for Rural Districts

Greeneville City Schools knew there wasn’t enough time in a day for an...

12 Feb 2021

The Risks of Social Media Pressure: Keeping Teens Safe

Almost every teenager in the U.S. has personal access to a device with...

09 Feb 2021
Student Mental Health | 2 min read

The 20–21 School Year: How Are Students Doing So Far?

We recently released a report detailing the alarming increases in stud...

04 Feb 2021
Gaggle | 2 min read

Inside Gaggle: Meet Our Team

Kaitlyn Schlesinger’s career has been heavily focused on education. Wi...

01 Feb 2021
Student Mental Health | 1 min read

Ring the Alarm: Students in Crisis

Most, if not all, districts across the country experienced a very diff...

28 Jan 2021
Student Safety | 3 min read

Data Privacy: Are Your Students Secure?

With so many students learning remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pa...

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