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Written by Paget Hetherington
on January 27, 2020

Children today are thrust into the digital world from a young age. While this offers many benefits, there are also many dangers that can cause great harm.

When East Irondequoit Central School District in New York became aware of explicit videos that had been sent to an 11-year-old female student on a school-issued iPad, they quickly took action. The district contacted local law enforcement, who conducted a four-month investigation that led them to Michigan, where they arrested a 36-year-old male for Child Sexually Abusive Activity.

But how did the district find this content in the first place? East Irondequoit CSD uses Gaggle to monitor student activity on school-issued devices. Gaggle’s robust technology, paired with our trained Safety Experts, discovered the situation and contacted the district. Because of Gaggle, this child predator was caught and is now serving time for preying on vulnerable children.

Irondequoit Police



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